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Awaken your forgotten abilities to communicate with the animals through an understanding of what animal communication is and how it works. Add to it some basic exercises to get you started into the magical world of talking with the animals. This course includes presentations focusing on what animal communication is, "how to" steps, guided meditation, and practice sessions with feedback.  This will be an independent, self-paced online workshop.  You will have 30 days to complete the workshop.

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Open to those who have taken a previous animal communication workshop.

You have opened the doors to your ability to communicate with the animals.  Now it's time to enhance your ability a step deeper with more extensive communication practice.  Improving and growing your listening skills is critical to communication. 

In this course you will discover methods on how to improve your listening skills as well as gaining clarity on how to express yourself more clearly.  You will also gain some useful tools to help out when communication alone is not quite enough.  

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Flower essences have been valuable tools in my 20 year animal communication practice and personal life. Many of you are familiar with the popular Rescue Remedy, but there are many other flower essences available to help. This online course will provide information about flower essences -- when they may be helpful and how to administer them. You will have an opportunity to "practice" determining which essences may be helpful for three animals. As you learn about flower essences, you will be able to share your thoughts online and receive feedback from your peers and Patty.

For more information: http://psanimal.com/workshops.html